Press Kit

Flippin Kaktus

Flippin Kaktus is the game by MyBunnyGames (one person company by Evgeny Khoroshilov) to be released around mid 2019.

The free version - Flippin Kaktus Demo is available.
With it I want to generate interest, collect feedback and improve final game to a reasonable maximum.

Basic information

Game name: Flippin Kaktus

Developer: MyBunnyGames (Evgeny Khoroshilov & co.)

Publisher: none at the moment

Developer location: Berlin, Germany

First demo release date: 7th of December 2018

Revised demo release date: 31st of January 2019

Players: 1 player

Demo playtime: 20-40 minutes

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Price: Demo is free for download


Languages: English, Russian (Spanish upcoming)

Primary contact


Flippin Kaktus is the challenging and dynamic adventure that constantly defies your reflexes and moral fiber.

You decide which path to take next time - swift and discreet or dashing and brutal.
Not without dire consequences.

In the demo you will meet the Kaktus and help him struggle through agave plantations in mexican lands of 1914.

Inspired by

Narrative is inspired by Breaking Bad and Narcos sagas and infamous Scarface characters.

Design and game art is influenced by mexican history, cowboy era, drug wars, 80s action movies and of course the action movies hero legend himself - Mr. Chuck Norris!

Unravel the captivating story through carefully composed graphical novel. Reveal the mysterious past of the Kaktus and solve cartel conspiracy.


  • Two epochs setting - mexican revolution in 1914 and cartel wars of glaring 1980s

  • Flip hero personalities - sly and nimble or powerful and brutal

  • Use destructive power-ups which maximize your powers but bring down your sanity...

  • ...and reveal the dark side of the hero

  • Explore interactive environment to get through challenges

  • Disguise in the bushes, crates, barrels and ambush the enemies

  • Call los amigos! Meet friends along the journey and make use of their special skills


Music, ambience and sounds is the huge deal in the game. I want to create immersive experience, so each location sounds and feels unique.

Almost every soundtrack is a tribute to a notable or memorable tune. The variety of styles is another thing - you will hear anything from flamenco and country to synthwave and dubstep. And sure enough the punchy and melodic rock of 80s!


Key Art